Day-to-day Graphic Design for Hotel Lomnica

When creating the graphic design for Hotel Łomnica, we tried to reflect its five-star character and exclusive location in the heart of the High Tatras. Our concept focused on promoting their top-notch service and creating a visual experience that perfectly blends with their representation of quality.



The graphic solutions for Hotel Lomnica create a visual identity that is as impressive as the hotel itself. The cohesive design creates the impression of a unified luxury experience for customers from their first contacts with the hotel to their stay, thus contributing to strengthening the hotel’s reputation as a destination for discerning guests in the heart of the High Tatras.

Result of our cooperation 

Our visuals transport visitors to the luxurious environment of the Tatras. Regular social media posts are designed to maintain interest and attract people to the exceptional experiences the hotel has to offer.


We are building design experience for your customers.

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