and design

Our approach to the visual representation of Kuszman’s Bazaar takes into account its unique offer of the highest quality. We focused on a comprehensive approach to the design that not only highlights the uniqueness of their products, but also reflects their unique atmosphere.

We focused the logo on the end result of satisfaction, after the extermination is complete and clients know that their home or office is now in order. This emotion is represented in the new logo by the symbol of a smile.


Colours and identity

We have chosen a colour palette that evokes a feeling of freshness and quality. These colours are linked to the ingredients used in the bakery and work harmoniously, highlighting the diversity of their products.

Result of our cooperation 

Our graphic solutions are evident in advertising and marketing materials. Posters, flyers and social media are filled with attractive images that capture every aspect of their products. Product photos are accompanied by creative text elements that highlight their exceptional quality.


We are building design experience for your customers.

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