We thank you for taking a look at our proposal


Please be assured that this presentation has been prepared exclusively for you and will not be publicly accessible on our website. The link provided is unique to you, granting you exclusive access to this subpage. Your data and information from the presentation will be safe with us and will not be shared with third parties.

Our aim has been to create something that not only catches the eye but also highlights the distinctiveness of your brand. Our primary goal was to showcase our independence, adaptability, and excellence in crafting visual designs. We are confident that our ideas and creative solutions will bring value to your brand, fostering a powerful, authentic visual identity.


We have crafted a preview of visuals exclusively for you.

Since we were unsure of the specific illustrations you required, we have assembled a collection of democracy-themed illustrations to provide you with a glimpse of the visuals you can anticipate from us.



Alongside democracy-themed visuals, we have also prepared graphics centered around corporate power. However, our agency is not limited to illustrations, we are capable of assisting you with any kind of visuals and provide all the necessary graphics from print to online.



Should our style resonate with you, we can develop a website for you using the WordPress platform. The entire site design will be created in Figma beforehand and subsequently presented to you on our subdomain in a live version. Once you've proofread the content and granted us your approval, we will transfer everything to your domain.

The overall style of the visuals will of course be jointly agreed and approved before we start our collaboration. We want you to be fully satisfied with the result and for our visuals to accurately represent your brand. Throughout the design process, we will consult with you regularly ensuring that the design follows your vision.


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